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North American Mounted Unit Commanders Association

A Note from the Founder

The first meeting of what would become the North American Mounted Unit Commanders Association was held at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey, PA in March 2008. The intention of the first meeting was to develop a network of mounted unit commanders through which we could pool knowledge.

Meetings have been held annually since 2008 hosted by numerous police agencies across the country each providing invaluable information for mounted commanders to take back to their respective agencies. This association is the result of hard work by numerous agencies and the relentless drive of mounted commanders from each agency. They understand the value of quality networking and instruction. Each conference has been unique in its own way and no one conference outshines another because, in the end, it is the attendees that make a conference successful through their interaction, involvement, and networking. We also understand that what works for one agency may not work for another agency, but every conference attendee has been able to take back to their agency information that is beneficial. This has resulted in NAMUCA becoming the premier association for information and networking for mounted law enforcement.

Where is the future of NAMUCA headed? NAMUCA has seen continued growth through the years with attendees not only from the US and Canada, but also Australia, Brazil, and Taiwan. Continued growth, along with a desire to adapt to that growth, will lead NAMUCA conferences to be attended by a larger international representation which will bring a broader knowledge base for mounted units. This responsibility is being embraced by the association leadership and we continue to look for ways to improve service, networking, and communication for mounted law enforcement worldwide.

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